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def libnamebench::history_parser::HistoryParser::ChromiumHistoryPath (   self  ) 

It's like Chrome, but with the branding stripped out.

Definition at line 259 of file history_parser.py.

00259                                :
    """It's like Chrome, but with the branding stripped out."""

    # TODO(tstromberg): Find a terser way to do this.
    paths = []
    for path in self.GoogleChromeHistoryPath():
      new_path = list(path)
      if 'Google' in new_path:
      for (index, part) in enumerate(new_path):
        if part == 'Chrome':
          new_path[index] = 'Chromium'
        elif part == 'chrome' or part == 'google-chrome':
          new_path[index] = 'chromium'

    return paths

  def OperaHistoryPath(self):

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