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def libnamebench::health_checks::NameServerHealthChecks::StoreWildcardCache (   self  )  [inherited]

Store a set of wildcard records.

Definition at line 134 of file health_checks.py.

00134                               :
    """Store a set of wildcard records."""
    timeout = self.health_timeout * SHARED_CACHE_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER
    attempted = []

    while len(self.cache_checks) != TOTAL_WILDCARDS_TO_STORE:
      if len(attempted) == MAX_STORE_ATTEMPTS:
        self.AddFailure('Could not recursively query: %s' % ', '.join(attempted))
        return False
      domain = random.choice(WILDCARD_DOMAINS)
      hostname = 'namebench%s.%s' % (random.randint(1,2**32), domain)
      (response, duration, exc) = self.TimedRequest('A', hostname, timeout=timeout)
      if response and response.answer:
        self.cache_checks.append((hostname, response, self.timer()))

  def TestSharedCache(self, other_ns):

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